Investment is the facilitation of someone’s dream. It is the impetus needed to take great ideas and make them a reality, where without capital backing they’d remain just that – ideas. CAPEX wants to hear these ideas, and give projects groomed for success the capital they need to succeed.

Investing in business is arguably the best thing we can do for a nation’s economic growth. If business owners have sufficient financial backing, they are able to produce more goods and create more employment opportunities as they grow. When businesses thrive, the communities they operate in thrive. With more jobs available, income and standards of living improve for the surrounding community.

Other than our in-house team of meticulous investors, we also partner with industry experts who regularly choose to co-invest. CAPEX wants to see private companies in the infrastructure, leisure, and residential sectors thrive – and we have the financial backing to ensure that they do.

“Investing in industries and technology for the 21st century generates high-skilled, high-wage jobs for industries of the future.”
― Jay Inslee.


CAPEX is on the cutting-edge of investment proficiency. We feel it is important to interact and consult with our potential investees, to gain a clear understanding of their investment hypotheses and performance gaps, prior to pushing the button and engaging capital.

We also purposefully limit our investment activities to industries in which we are experienced and well versed. To supplement our in-house expertise, we also partner with sector experts, within our global network, who regularly co-invest alongside us.

CAPEX understands that not all companies are built to last, and it is up to investors to sift through the rough to find those diamond-grade investment opportunities that are going to succeed. If you’re looking for investors to give you the capital backing you need, contact us and we’ll make it happen for you.