Global financial crises have a way of exposing weaknesses in structured finance products, as was proven by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. On the contrary, project financing has proven itself to be an asset class with demonstrable intrinsic value, in terms of productive tangible assets, strong collateral packages and transparent financial structures.

Despite market volatility in recent decades, there remains a serious, consistent demand – throughout the world – for investment in infrastructure across a broad spectrum of industries (especially emerging markets). The simple fact is that, without project funding, countless life-changing initiatives will never come to fruition.

“An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.”
― Robert A. Rice Jr.


CAPEX is committed to taking the lead in all residential, leisure, and infrastructure project funding initiatives we are involved in. As the lead, we co-invest personal capital, and ensure that there is investment performance accountability. Key managers and board members are also held to account in terms of organizational and operational performance.

We supplement our vast financial knowledge with that of investors and independent Directors from our network of industry experts. We align interest via compulsory investment participation, and invite our advisors and management to participate.

As the project financing lead, CAPEX manages each investment as a stand-alone investment, without decisions being influenced by fund-raising time-tables, nor the performances of other investments within a fund. We make primary investments and follow-on investment decisions purely on the merits of the deal, and we are in favor of long-term investment hypotheses.

CAPEX is passionate about every project we are able to usher into fruition, and we believe that the projects we invest in are able to make the most of the capital injection they secure. If you have a project you’d like to get off of the ground with some backing, contact us and we’ll start the application process.

CAPEX understands that not all companies are built to last, and it is up to investors to sift through the rough to find those diamond-grade investment opportunities that are going to succeed. If you’re looking for investors to give you the capital backing you need, contact us and we’ll make it happen for you.